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That's no problem!  Scrap your old car with us for a polite, honest and reliable service.

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We collect scrap cars from Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and everywhere in between!

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We buy all types, makes and models of vehicles but we specialise in 4 wheel drive

Welcome to (part of Charlton Recycled Autoparts). We are a long-established family business that has been recycling vehicles since the 1970s.

Using this website you can get a free no obligation quote for your scrap car in less than ten seconds! Simply select your vehicle and put in your postcode in the box above and you will receive a no obligation quote for us to collect or you to deliver your scrap car. This quote will be a guaranteed price we would pay for your complete vehicle.

Here at we provide a professional car recycling service where you can be sure of what happens to your scrap vehicle from beginning to end. If you would like more details of our scrap car collection process please visit our Collection Process page.

As the last registered keeper of your old car it is your legal responsibility to ensure your vehicle is disposed of properly and inform DVLA. Be aware that some unscrupulous collectors offer to inform DVLA for you, but many don't. For more information please visit website.

Every single scrap car we collect for disposal is taken off the road for good (we don't sell or export vehicles) therefore every vehicle will receive a free Certificate of Destruction (COD) from the DVLA (to learn more please click on the COD to the right). Only an End of life vehicle treatment facility can issue a COD.  If a collector can't issue you with a COD for your vehicle, then they are not an ATF.

To find out more about the process your car will go through from beginning to end please go to our what happens to my car? page.

To find out more about us please visit our About us page.

Has your car recently failed it MOT or been involved in an accident?

Is the cost to get an MOT or get it repaired more than the car is worth?

Unfortunately there comes a time in every cars life when this happens. Here at scrap my old car .com we specialise in purchasing vehicles that have reached this time in their life cycle.

If it is time for your vehicle to be scrapped you have found the right place.

Here at all our prices are guaranteed to be exactly what we say they are when we booked collection of your vehicle, as long as you tell us beforehand of any problems (we don't like nasty surprises any more than you do).

When we purchase a vehicle we never put it back on the road. This gives our customers the peace of mind needed when disposing of their old car. Every vehicle we purchase is given a Certificate of Destruction (COD) done directly on the DVLA’s online system and we can email you a copy free of charge for your own records.

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At we think it is important to let our customers know exactly who they are selling their scrap car to. That is why here on this page you can find out about all the companies we represent... Read More.

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