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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to accept a quote from and will it cost me anything?

All of our quotes are free of charge and carry absolutely no obligation to accept at all.

How can guarantee a price for my scrap car without seeing it?

All of our quotes are based on the scrap metal weight of your scrap car and the information you provide. Therefore so long as your vehicle is complete and you have provided accurate information we can guarantee all quotes.

What is a complete vehicle and can I still get a quote if my vehicle is not complete?

We class a complete vehicle as one that still has all of its main components. I.E. A vehicle with no engine would not be complete. If your vehicle has parts missing we will still be able to offer a quote. Although missing not all parts will have a negative impact on you quote. Simply call our office and we will tell you how the missing parts will affect your quote.

How long after I accept my quotation will my scrap car be collected?

When we receive your accepted quote we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for the collection of your scrap car. We usually collect all vehicles within 3 working days of a quote being accepted.

Does my scrap car need to have a valid insurance policy / valid MOT / Road tax?

As every single vehicle we collect is taken off the road for good and removed using our professional recovery vehicles, no vehicle we buy needs valid insurance, MOT or road tax.

Can you still collect my scrap car if it no longer works / is no longer road worthy?

Of course! We are used to collecting vehicles in many different states. Using our wide range of recovery vehicles we have collected thousands of vehicles from completely burnt out vehicles to bare shells so rest assured we can collect your vehicle.

Does my scrap car have to be damage free?

No, obviously all vehicles will get the occasional scuff or scrape throughout their life however our quotes are based on there being no "significant" damage to your vehicle. By "significant" we mean the vehicle has not been in any major traffic accidents or a victim of extreme vandalism.

Do I have to clean my car before it is collected?

We do not expect you to give your car a wash, wax and polish before we collect it but we do insist that there is no additional waste within the vehicle.

Can you still collect my scrap car if I do not have the V5c (logbook) for it?

Yes. When we collect the scrap car we get every customer to sign a declaration stating they are the legal owners of the vehicle and have all legal rights to sell the vehicle (Photographic I.D. required). This declaration will contain the name and address of the customer. Therefore even if you cannot find your logbook we can still collect your vehicle and issue a Certificate of Destruction for it.

Can you still collect my scrap car if I have lost the keys and will it affect the price?

Absolutely! So long as we have clear access to the vehicle we can recover it. This does not effect the free no obligation quote.

If my scrap car is not very accessible can you still collect it and will this affect the price?

In almost all circumstances we can still collect your vehicle however if we need to assign extra staff to the collection the price quoted may be affected.. If you are concerned that your vehicle may not be easily accessible please call our office to fill us in on the fine details and find out how your quoted price may be affected.

Do I have to be present at the collection time?

In most circumstances no. We understand that we all lead busy lives these days at it is not always possible to be in two places at once! We can make arrangements for you to leave the keys and documents somewhere convenient. However if you do not have the V5c (logbook) for the vehicle we do require you to be present at the time of collection.

How do I keep my personalised registration number?

If you have a personalised registration plate (also known as a cherished plate or private plate) you will need to transfer this from your vehicle before you dispose of it. You can transfer it or place it on retention using the V314 form from the DVLA, this can be downloaded here.

How do I claim back any unused road tax?

If you have one full month or more left on your tax disk this can be refunded to you by the DVLA. If you are the registered owner of the vehicle you can claim back any unused road tax by filling out the V14 form from the DVLA and return both the form and your tax disk to the DVLA. (make sure this is posted before the last day of the month!) You can download the form here.

Do you accept motorcycles, if so how do I get a quote for one?

We do accept all types of motorcycle. For a quote please call our free phone number at the top of the page.

Do I need to contact the DVLA when I scrap my vehicle?

Here at we handle all the paperwork for you so you don't have to! As all of our agents are Authorised Treatment Facilities they have a direct online link to the DVLA. This means we can inform the DVLA and provide a Certificate of Destruction ASAP!

How and when will I receive the Certificate of Destruction?

We will either email or post your certificate of destruction to the address provided by the customer within 7 days of collection.

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