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At we think it is important to let our customers know exactly who they are selling their scrap car to.  Many of the most popular on-line scrap car buyers hide their real identity, and you never know what really happens to your car.

Many don't actually get scrapped - did you know that over 500,000 scrap cars go missing in the UK every year?

Last year we collected and processed over 5000 scrap cars from numerous sources. These include contracts with insurance companies, The DVLA, Local government bodies and private individuals. We pride ourselves on operating in a friendly, transparent and responsible way and can guarantee your scrap car is disposed of in the most environment friendly way possible.

We strive to be the most professional car scrappage, car recycling, and car disposal organisation in the UK.

Every scrap car we collect is scrapped, legally and in an environment friendly way. We do not sell or export vehicles.

We are licensed by both the Environment Agency and our local council, and are authorised by DVLA to issue a Certificate of Destruction.

We are also proud to be long-term members of the UK industry trade association, the VRA (Vehicle Recyclers' Association), as well as the world leading Amercian ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association) and the IMI (The Institute of the Motor Industry).

Charlton Recycled Autoparts has been established for over 40 years. We are a specialist car dismantler and recycler, specialising in 4x4 vehicles. We were a founding member of the NSG and the Managing Director is a past Chairman of the MVDA.

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About Us

At we think it is important to let our customers know exactly who they are selling their scrap car to. That is why here on this page you can find out about all the companies we represent... Read More.

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